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  • Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends Ireland

    The Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends of 2023

    November 1, 2022 roberto

    The Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends of 2023


    A Kitchen backsplash is a hugely important feature in your kitchen. On a functional level, kitchen basksplash plays a vital role in keeping your kitchen clean from spatter and splatter in the preparation and cooking of meals. But where we think it becomes wholly more interesting, is how it adds to the style of your kitchen and the feel of the space.


     As style evolves with time, the splashback options become ever broader and more exciting. Whether its materials to use, colours to choose or patterns to install, our choices have become as vital as every other major choice in the development of your kitchen renovation.


    In this blog post we will show you some of the biggest kitchen backsplash trends of 2023 which will encompass; ceiling heights, metros, textures and good colour choices. We hope that within the trends and tips you will be inspired to go deeper in finding the right backsplash for your home

    Top Kitchen Backsplash Trends Ireland

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    Before we start, some basics.

    A backsplash is a panel that sits behind the kitchen worktop (behind sink and stove especially) that covers the adjoining wall. This area can be splattered with food in the preparation of meals. The simple solution is a backsplash, which catches the splashes from meal prep that is easy to clean promoting a hygienic, food safe environment free from harmful bacteria. A backsplash will also stop your painted wall or wallpaper from being discoloured by splashes.

    Trend 1. Ceiling Height (Take Your Kitchen Backsplash to the TOP)

    A Kitchen splashback does not have to reach your ceiling. There is no functional need for it, but why should we have just a functional kitchen? Tiling to the ceiling will cost more. But it will also bring some added pizazz to your kitchen. If you have the space and the budget, why not? This trend suits a variety of different styles of kitchen, whether it’s modern, traditional, bohemian or industrial.

    Taking your splashback right up to the ceiling will make your kitchen seem larger with the unbroken pattern all the way to the ceiling tricks the eye. You can also use this feature in your bathroom. Adding another slice of pizzazz to your home.
    A note of caution on this trend though: choose the right tile. Ensure the tile you choose is the perfect tile for your space. As if you tile to the ceiling, there will be plenty of tile to live with, you must be sure it works with the style of kitchen or bathroom and sits well in the space.

    Kitchen Backsplash with tiles

    Trend 2. Metros (Kitchen Wall Splashback Metro Tiles)

    Parisian chic? Berlin U-Bahn modishness or NYC Subway cool? 

    The metro tile is ubiquitous, stylish and functional. They seem to be everywhere and with good reason. These tiles are perennially en vogue in hip bars, trendy restaurants and in your aunt’s kitchen. These relatively inexpensive tiles bring so much to a space and can be used in the classic format (with bevelled edges installed in a brick pattern) or there are modern twists with alternative installation patterns. Check out here The 6 Most Popular Ways to Lay Metro (Subway) Tiles.



    Created over 100 years ago to aid the spreading of light around dimly lit metro stations, these tiles are still spreading light, just now around modern homes and businesses. Available in a plethora of new colours, styles and finishes that constantly breathe new life into the humble metro tile style. Using a metro for your backsplash is no brainer. These tiles are super easy to keep clean, simply wipe with a damp soapy cloth and it will have the surface clean and shimmering again. Perfect for a busy family kitchen.



    One of our latest metro ranges – Cupidon – are a funky riff on the original white 20×10 metro tile. These six-sided tiles are a bold option to bring some modernity to your kitchen backsplash. Cupidon are bevelled tiles which are brilliant at reflecting light from their high gloss surface. 300x100mm in size, which allows for some pretty stylish installation patterns that adds another design feature to your kitchen. Pair Cupidon White with a dark grout to really make the subway tiles pop.



    PRO Tip – using dark grout for a kitchen backsplash helps hide any food splashes that are tricky to remove from white grout. And dark grout also helps avoid temporary grout discolouring if the grout becomes wet from splashes.

    Trend 3. Patterns + Hexagons (Funky Kitchen Backsplash Designs ideas)

    Pattern tiles are less of a trend and more a movement. The pattern movement ‘trend’ shows absolutely no sign of abating, which is something we are very happy about. Irish homes were for too long, on the safe side. Boldness of design and bravery with patterns was something that was avoided in favour of something safe (dull). Thankfully things have changed and become all the more exciting for it. Vibrant and colourful patterns tiles have played their part in this.


    Using a pattern tile for your backsplash can be the ideal way to work some individuality and uniqueness in your kitchen.


    Go the extra mile and add your pattern tile in a shape that also excites hexagon.  Lilypad Tiles are a heady mix of colour, design and shape. We adore these tiles for the punch they can add to a kitchen backsplash. 


    Check out the silky delicate pink-toned Lilypad Rosa, a splashback tile with panache. Another funky hexagon to add some buzz to your home is the geometric Palermo Blanco Hexagon Porcelain Wall Matt 25.8x29cm


    Mosaic? Why not? Big Hexagon Grey Ceramic Matt 28x32cm is a stunning hexagon mosaic tile that is very easy on the eye.

    kitchen backsplash idea with hexagon tiles

    Trend 4. Finishes are not Finished

    Decoratively textured finished tiles are IN. By in we mean very on trend. Adding a tile that has raised decorative features on its surface brings another dimension to your kitchen backsplash.


    Our Zurbaran range are the perfect vintage inspired tiles to highlight this. These tiles would not look out of place in a palatial kitchen in the Greek countryside over 100 years ago. Which we are certain is a good thing. Decorative finish tiles would allow your backsplash to take centre stage.


    Check out the striking look of Zurbaran Metro Vanillla Gloss which just exudes character.

    Kitchen backsplash is a hugely important feature in your kitchen

    Trend 5. C O L O U Rs

    Be brave. Be bold. And be playful with your colour choices. For too long we have been beholden to understated backsplashes and kitchen design. Our climate is miserable but there is absolutely no reason why we should allow our kitchen backsplash to be, anymore.


    Colour adds zest and life to a space. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, preparing meals, discussing meals and probably ordering takeaways from, you should allow yourself some colour. Let’s just say we are partial to a striking Metro Red Bevelled Gloss Tile and leave it at that…


    We hope that these trends and tips help you find the right backsplash for your kitchen. Do your research, take some samples, ensure the colours with your kitchen units, keep in mind the overall style of your kitchen and importantly, be brave.


    See below some Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Every Style and Budget. Need more inspiration and ideas? Check out our Instagram and Pinterest page.

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