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Life After
Artificial Grass

Firstly, a little about life BA (Before Artificial grass). This was a quaint time when muck in the kitchen was commonplace and it was not unheard of to step into your garden full of potholes. It was a time when wives nagged husbands to mow the lawn. When after the lawn was mowed, bags of grass sat outside for weeks, maybe months. A time when every Spring, diligent attempts were made to grow the perfect uniformly grass-green lawn.







Cue 2018 and life AA (After Artificial grass). 


We have installed countless artificial lawns this year and demand is high. It is a product that has a huge impact on daily living. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, synthetic grass is durable, economical and looks real. Children absolutely love it and family pets do not need to be banished from it. It’s an all year round solution that looks great and hugely simplifies outdoor living.

So what is life actually like after artificial grass? We asked  a recent synthetic convert who has a large family, lives in a suburban city area and has been enjoying a real-life fake-grass experience for the last three months. Here’s what she said:

“I felt as though our family were wasting the back garden area – in rainy weather, the children wither didn’t play on the grass or if they did, the result was a mucky mess. We have quite a large garden space but it never looked inviting and the hassle of mowing the lawn was just too much. Our artificial grass has been installed for the past 3 months now and I literally don’t know how I lived without it. It’s completely maintenance free and the garden looks fantastic. I was worried that it would look really fake, but it doesn’t. I was worried that the dog would wreck it but it’s really durable. Everything is cleaner.  I even enjoy  washing the dishes now because I’m always looking out onto a perfect green!”