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Garden Transformation

Taking on a new DIY project of any scale is a noble endeavour. Taking on a complete garden transformation that includes dividing walls, lighting, patios and pathways is a whole other story.The inimitable Dancing with the Stars judge, Brian Redmond took on this very daunting DIY effort with some genuinely stunning results. The finished project looks resplendent and a completed job that any esteemed professional landscaping company would be proud of. It is fair to say Brian’s garden has been on a journey from cannot dance… to Dancing With The Stars.


Brian moved to Kildare in 2018 with this family but took the opportunity of free time during lockdown to transform the home’s exterior. 

Garden Makeover
Garden Makeover created with 20mm porcelain paving

Let’s break down the elements of the garden and how well they work together. 

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Brian used Beige Outdoor Porcelain tiles for his patios and pathway. This sturdy, stylish and strong porcelain outdoor tile has the super charged characteristics to receive a 10/10 score from even the sternest of TV judges. 


Created with the Irish garden in mind, these purpose built patio products have incredible slip-resistance, which allows adults, kids and everyone in between to be secure underfoot during the wonderfully wet periods of weather. 


Outdoor porcelain is also stain-resistant and easy to clean, so meat juices escaping from the bbq or a spilled drink from the outdoor dining table will not spoil a garden party. Available in an array of colours and designs, there will be an outdoor porcelain colour for your dream garden. 

Brian Redmond back garden that contains 20mm porcelain paving at night
Garden Makeover created with 20mm porcelain paving


As you can see from the wonderful images of the finished garden, lighting plays an incredible role in setting the blissed out ambience of this garden after dark. 


Brian has used a mix of lights around his garden including; lights inset in walls, vertical lights installed along the panelling and retro inspired lantern lighting around the perimeter. Lighting is very important to allow your outdoor space to be as useful and comfortable at night as it is during daylight. 


So when the BBQ is over and the light fades, at the flick of a switch this garden can become the perfect place to unwind with a couple of large glasses. 

Brian Redmond back garden that contains 20mm porcelain paving at night
Back garden that contains 20mm porcelain paving at night

Bringing some nature into your outdoor garden shouldn’t be hard, but it is hard to get the balance right for your garden. This stunningly tidy and pristine garden has adopted the same attention to detail to the plant life as it has to everything else in the garden which really enhances the overall impact.


Flower beds are installed along both sides of the garden walls leading towards the BBQ / dining area. These flower beds bring some colour and vibrancy to the space. Trees have also been planted in the walls that encase the BBQ area creating  another layer of detail to the space. 


Also it is worth noting how resplendent and luscious the natural grass is in the photos of the finished garden. 

Brian Redmond back garden that contains 20mm porcelain paving at night
Garden Makeover with outdoor porcelain

Walls and BBQ
The BBQ area at the rear of the garden is a real attention grabber! Eyes are drawn admiringly to the walled space, the tall BBQ and the manicured trees. This space is surely the busiest in the garden between grilling and chilling. An underestimated feature of any garden is seating options that are part of the garden and are available year round and do not need to be uncovered or cleaned. 


Brian has superbly created a bench between two of the walls that surround the BBQ area. A bench really comes into its own when nipping out to the garden to take a phone call, scroll through some emails or to wait for the kettle to boil inside. 


A special mention must go to this genuinely huge BBQ. The Mediterranean inspired masonry barbecue will no doubt be the garden’s attractive centrepiece for years and years to come. 

Back garden that contains 20mm porcelain paving at night
BBQ area


Walls, let’s face it can be pretty boring, especially when long and surrounding your whole garden. A fabulous way to elevate your garden is wood panelling for your walls. Panelling adds character, greatly enhances the aesthetics and can be achieved relatively cheaply. Most of the big garden DIY retails stores will have a range of options to suit your outdoor space. 

We can only commend Brian (check out Brian Tredmond Instagram account) on what a tremendous job he did on his wonderful garden. A genuine 10/10 DIY effort. If you feel this level of DIY is out of your capabilities, fear not. 

There are skilled tradesmen across the country that can create a garden oasis similar to this for your home. We have previously worked with recommended landscapers that we can put you in touch with. You can view our entire Outdoor Porcelain Range by clicking here.

Order a free sample of the colours that take your fancy and get them delivered to your door.  It is so worthwhile to see the colours in person and falling in love with the design of your porcelain before ordering.