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How to Choose a
Bathroom Suite

  • Before choosing your style, your colour or your fixtures, you must ask yourself – what do you need from your bathroom suite?
  • Do you need storage to keep cleaning products in?
  • Do you need a bath? Or would a shower work better in your space? Do you need two radiators?
  • Once you have worked out what you need, only then can you move on to the exciting part of actually choosing the style and the items to match it! Bathroom styles are set by tiles and its furniture, which should sit together in harmony.
  • So keep in mind that to create a truly wow-factor bathroom, you will need to place great importance into all the little details.



When choosing a bathroom suite you can become overawed by the breadth of choice. Each bathroom supplier could have 100’s of options for nearly every part of a bathroom whether it is a sink/tap/unit/bath. Once you decide on the style of you bathroom whether it is contemporary, eclectic, traditional, Mediterranean or mid-century you can hone in on the types of furniture to match it.

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The more research you do before embarking on your bathroom suite renovation the easier it will be. Use online searches to see similar styles to you chosen one to get some inspiration for your own. A fantastic place to start this inspo search is Instagram. Search relevant hashtags to bring up images of finished bathrooms. Pinterest works similarly and there is the added bonus being able to ‘pin’ images to a (mood) board so you can keep all your pins in one place. 



Colour or lack thereof is an important facet to choosing a bathroom suite. You can choose to match your tiles to create harmony or you can go bold and choose a contrasting colour to create some variation. 


Colour carries into the small details of towel hooks, toilet roll holder and door handles. 

Metro Tiles for Ensuite Bathroom

Lighting is often an afterthought in your bathroom renovation, it should not be. Choosing the right lights for your bathroom and the bulbs to light them can have a big impact on the feel of your bathroom.


Shower enclosures or a bath can dominate a bathroom so particular thought should go when choosing these. Shower enclosures can help your bathroom space by choosing sliding doors or bi-fold doors allowing more room for other features.


Finishes. Your tile finish is not the only finish you should be ensuring you get right. The bathroom units you choose to create storage or hide plumbing should have the finish that will work for you. If the bathroom will be busy and used by kids and the potentially mucky sports people, then use surfaces that are easy to wipe clean. If your idyllic showpiece bathroom will only be used by the ultra tidy then feel free to choose wood units that may not be as easy to wipe clean.

Bathroom Tiles Dublin Ballymount

Our showrooms have 50+ installed bays for you to peruse and choose from. The bays in our showrooms are contain a broad range of styles to choose from. Both of our showroom locations have a mix of bay sizes too that reflect 99% of Irish bathroom sizes, so you can get a feel of what might work in your space.


Some bathroom suits simply work better in compact bathrooms and vice versa with large bathrooms. If you do not find the black tap you wish to use in your minimalist monochrome bathroom or your double sink bathroom unit in mid-century style, our sales advisors can source it for you from our premium suppliers of bathroom ware. Our showrooms opens 7 days.

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