Outdoor Porcelain Tile Soulstone Beige Matt 60x60cm

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Clean, minimalist and handsome in tone, this outdoor porcelain is a fab choice for your patio or driveway.

The adaptable light beige coloured 20mm outdoor porcelain elevates every space in which it’s installed. Light veining pattern adorn the surface that is subtle and plays a low-key role in the overall look of the tile.

20mm porcelain is the ideal product for the Irish garden due to its super anti-slip properties, frost-resistance and low maintenance.

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How to Install Outdoor Porcelain Paving

Three of the most common methods for installing outdoor porcelain tiles are outlined below.

Method 1 - Tile Adhesive onto a Solid Base

This method can be used for patios and driveways. It requires the concrete base to be fully cured and expansion joints will need to be added where necessary. With a solid base, achieving a level surface is simple but remember that falls will need to be added to help rain water drain away. Use a polymer modified cement-based adhesive that is suitable for outdoor use. On a solid base, rectified porcelain paving can be installed with a narrow join for a semi-seamless finish.

Method 2 - Wet Bed onto Prepared Sub-base

Paving installers and landscapers favour this method. However, because the tiles are non-porous, they will not adhere to a traditional wet bed. To make the tile stick, yu will need to either mix an admix into your sand and cement or apply a primer to the underside of the tiles. Be careful if using a primer – remove it from the surface and sides of the tile immediately! Check falls during installation and make adjustments by tapping the tiles with a rubber mallet. Avoid any voids beneath the tiles as this may result in the collection of residual moisture which will have no escape route.

Method 3 - Self-levelling Pedestals on roof terraces and balconies

Adjustable pedestals are perfect for use on balconies and terraces. Each pedestal has a self-levelling head and can be slightly adjusted once the tiles are installed. This is a ‘dry’ installation method as no adhesives or grouts are required. Joints are left open which allows for easy drainage and simple removal of tiles. Lay the weed membrane directly under the grass. Take it right to the edge of the area and overlap it by at least 100mm.