Stone Sealer Platinum 1L HSTSE-1L

Stone Sealer Platinum 1L
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Platinum Stone Sealer is a premium water based stone impregnator that penetrates into the surface of the stone to protect against oil and water based stains, whilst offering an unchanged matt finish. Platinum Stone Sealer can be applied to grout, travertine, tumbled marble, limestone, slate, quarry tiles, sandstone and most other types of porous clay and masonry surfaces. Safe and easy application Stain and scuff resistant High quality stain protection Quick drying Internal and external use Directions 1) Generously apply the Platinum Stone Sealer to saturation point with a lint free cloth, brush, sponge, paint pad or roller. 2) A second coat may be necessary to achieve desired performance with very porous surfaces. Do not allow any excess sealer to dry on the surface of the stone, remove all residue within 20-30 minutes of application. Allow a minimum of 20-30 minutes between coats. Caution areas not to be sealed with masking materials. Maintenance Clean treated areas with water and pH neutral cleaner. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaning agents on treated surfaces.
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Paving Size 1L
Paving Sold By Piece
Pieces Per Box 1
SQM per Box 1
Range -
Suitability Porous Stone / Natural Stone
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