Thin Stone Cladding Oyster 40x10cm HP014-1040

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Thin Stone Cladding Oyster 40x10cm
€2.46 price/unit
€61.50 price/m2
The Oyster Thinstone Cladding is the first cladding with which we began this exciting range of products. Colour-wise it incorporates a gorgeous spectrum of different colours from beige to different shades of brown. In terms of usage the only limit is your imagination. We recommend this product to be used for a feature wall in a hallway, kitchen or living area. When used in this way it can provide an interesting and colourful talking point in any house. This product can also be used outdoors and will give your flower beds or an outdoor wall the wow factor. Fast and easy to fit. No need for specialist stonemasons. Each panel fits seamlessly into the next. Virtually invisible joint with little or no wastage. What are you waiting for - order online now.
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Colour Yellow
Brand Tile Merchant
SQM per Box 0.48
Pieces Per Box 12
Sold By M2
Easyclad Size 400x100x(8-12)mm
Finish Natural
Material Various
Suitability Wall
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How to Install Thin Stone Cladding

Installation of our thin stone cladding is very simple. However, if you need any further advice, please feel free to contact us.

We highly recommend CT1 Power Grab and Bond for our cladding installations. This specialist stone adhesive will work on almost any surface including wood, plaster board, backer board, metal, brick and concrete. However, any good-quality tile adhesive should be work just fine as well.


Put two separate beads of adhesive lengthways on the back of the cladding piece and press it firmly against the wall. Initial grab will take 10-15 minutes during which time you may need to support the cladding panel with a piece of wood or similar. Most adhesives will be fully cured within 24 hours, however some adhesives may vary, so please check first. Be warned, once the adhesive has completely cured it is impossible to remove the cladding from the wall.


For internal corners, simply cut the cladding to form a straight edge.

For external corners, we recommend cutting the cladding to form a straight edge, then finishing with a tile trim to mask the edge.