Adjustable Height Pedestal 30-45mm (For Outdoor Porcelain Installation)

30-45mm height

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The pedestal systems we stock here in Tile Merchant are small, sturdy support systems designed to bear the full load of 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles, furniture, and people.

They may look small, but these wee things are cleverly crafted to spread up to 400kg of weight each evenly throughout their structure.

Our porcelain tile pedestals comprise a large flat base plate, the central screw pillar and screw ring - which together give the whole tile pedestal system its height - and the tile pedestal cap itself.

Rubber joints are inserted into the spacers on the top of the pedestal cap, creating a cross-shape so that the corners of up to four porcelain outdoor tiles can be supported by just one pedestal.

The joints are about 2.2mm wide, creating a groutless gap between each tile of this width to allow rainwater to pass right through and drain away naturally beneath.

Laid out in a grid structure, these pedestals form a suspended system of tile support, requiring no mechanical fixings nor foundation prep whatsoever.

Pedestal system for tiles is a highly affordable and cost-effective way than traditional installation because you don't need to buy kilos and kilos of substrate, sand and cement, nor pay local contractors to install your new terrace for you.

These pedestals are used to adjust the height of a surface for the installation of tiles in outdoor areas, allowing you to raise the surface above the ground by up to 45mm. You can use this to run cables or pipes underneath the tiles or raise the entire installation above the ground.

Typical installations using these pedastals might be in back gardens, on terraces or balconies, in installations with these, grouting is not required.

For added protection use this shim on top of the pedestal to protect the porcelain.


Shipping Type Package
Size 30-45mm height
Brand Tile Merchant

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