Tile Merchant Blog

  1. How To Tile A Floor

      How to tile a floor 1) You cannot tile an area without knowing how many tiles you will need. So measure the area precisely. Always purchase 10 Percent more tiles than you need for the job to avoid any issues if accidents occur. After you purchase your tiles and before installing them, check that the tiles are correct colour...
  2. Tile Merchant Highlights Range

        We are proud to intoduce our new Highlights ceramic range, featuring exotic Italian designs at an affordable price. Each 3-tile set in this range feature a standard matt floor tile/a glossy wall tile and a special feature decor tile. Each of these sets can be used to tile a full room.    
  3. sTile Focus – we’re seeing a pattern!

    sTILE Focus - we’re seeing a pattern! - We’re still only in the first quarter of 2018 and already we’re seeing a pattern! Pattern tiles have made a huge comeback this year, with new styles featuring timeless designs and muted colours. These are not the way-out styles that you’ll tire of in a few years. There’s no need to balk at the thought...

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