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How the Colour of your Tile Affects your Mood

How the Colour of your Tile Affects your Mood

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of choosing the right colour
  3. The colours we choose communicate how we feel
  4. The different styles of white bathroom tiles
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  6. Why Tile Merchant?


The colours we choose to use in our homes are much more important than we might initially realise. Scientists have discovered that colours may affect how you feel, think, and act. This is a guide about things to consider when choosing the correct colour tile for your home.

Light blue tiles installed in a bathroom

The Importance of choosing the right colour

Before you begin the process of what colour tile you want, you need to ask yourself, what kind of atmosphere do you want to create in your space? It is known that certain colours can communicate our personality and moods, so it’s very important to choose your colours wisely when making your final decision.

The majority of home-owners spend a lot of time deciding what colours they will use in their living space. They usually consider a number of different options and look at this as an aspect of their home that they are going to have to live with for quite some time. Some people enjoy the process however others can find it very overwhelming as there are so many options to take into consideration. Our advice is, you pick a tile that best suits your space but what’s equally important is you have a colour that you are comfortable with.

The colours we choose communicate how we feel

Colour psychology suggests that the colours we like/select have deeper meanings and reflect how we feel and our personality traits. We almost automatically evaluate a colour of a room based on how we perceive the colour and the meaning of that colour to us.

As we’ve mentioned colours can be interpreted as describing a certain emotion or feeling, here’s a few examples.

Beginning with the colour red, when we see red we generally think of love, passion, anger or danger. It really alarms our senses and captures our attention almost instantly. Lighter reds or pinks can be less heavy as they convey a feeling more of romance and passion. A popular style that red tiles are used for is a dark red subway backsplash tile, this tile is usually applied in a small area of your kitchen or bathroom.

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

The different styles of white bathroom tiles

Orange can be a really uplifting colour, giving off the vibe of bright days, sunshine and happiness. Using the colour orange can make your room burst into life with plenty of energy, some customers love the bright colours, but others can find it a  bit overbearing for a whole room.  We suggest you select a small area of your room if you’re using brighter colours such as yellow or orange tiles. Bright colours can sometimes be overwhelming, so our advice is to use them sparingly!

Green is another colour which is quite popular. Green symbolises a sense of calmness and nature. Green tiles can be used in many different areas around your home because of their versatile look. With so many different shades of green available, all these shades can help create a beautiful mosaic backsplash in your kitchen or a feature wall in your bathroom.

Purple is another colour that offers a nice finish creating a unique style. Dark purple tiles can be suited well with silver colours, whereas light colours can match well with aqua. Purple tiles are vibrant, giving us a nice upbeat feeling.

Metro tiles have remained trendy and relevant for centuries and they can still be found in kitchens or bathrooms across the world today. Metro tiles are quite commonly done in white, although they can come in a variety of different colours, white metro tiles, green, red or blue, depending on what you prefer. Metro tiles can construct a full or half-wall effect or they can just make a nice splashback in either your kitchen or bathroom, giving a beautiful finish to your living space.

Lilypad tiles are colourful tiles, their look is really admired by tile lovers everywhere. Lilypad tiles come in a hexagonal shape. Lilypad is a bold tile with lovely angular lines. You should really consider choosing these tiles for your home and we can ensure that you will not be disappointed.

Another popular range of tiles on the market is our Stella Range. They are a porcelain floor and wall tile with a very elegant look.  Available in 3 different colours, Stella Azul which is a striking blue and Stella Nero and Night which are classic black and white pattern tiles.  These tiles can be used to great effect on a bathroom floor or wall and also as a kitchen backsplash.

Throughout this blog we have highlighted the importance of choosing the right colour for your tiles and we hope this guide will prove useful to you when doing your next home project. 

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