Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer 5L

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Stontex Platinium Stone Sealer helps protect natural stone paving, tiles and brick from oil and water-based staining. This sealer will also help make ongoing maintenance and cleaning much easier.

It is water-based and odourless, and it penetrates while retaining the existing colour of the stone, tile or brick.

It is ideal for use outside but also internally in a confined space as there is no smell. Even though this sealer is water-based, it has a very high active ingredient content so the treated surface should be protected for between 2-5 years depending on wear and tear.

Order tile and stone sealer online with Tile Merchant. Our range of premium sealers are used by professionals across Ireland daily. We deliver to all 32 counties in Ireland. Seal your tiles and stone with the best products at the best price.

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It is important that the area you are treating is clean and dry prior to applying the sealer. Then you simply either roll on with a normal paint roller onto your paving, or if you prefer you can spray using a knapsack sprayer for large areas or just a simple hand held sprayer.

Platinum Stone Sealer has been formulated as one coat treatment but you can apply an additional coat if your material is unusually porous for optimum protection. It is recommended that the freshly treated material is kept dry and free from footfall traffic for 3 to 6 hours after application.

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