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How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

  1. Introduction
  2. Which colour is best for bathrooms?
  3. What is the most common bathroom tile size?
  4. What is the most common bathroom tile trend/style?
    1. Thin Stone Cladding
    2. Wood-Effect Tiles
    3. Marble Effect Tiles
  5. Conclusion
  6. Why Tile Merchant?


Your bathroom is a very important space, you will need to be happy with the aesthetics and be able to rely on the functionality. A key component of every bathroom is the tiles. They set the tone, the colour palette and the style of your bathroom as they usually cover the most amount of area. So you will need to fall in love with your bathroom tile choice to ensure your bathroom lives a long and happy life.

There is no ‘best’ type of bathroom tile, as each bathroom is different and each will serve different types of people and families. Bathrooms need to function for those who will use it.  So, right off the bat gloss or glazed tiles for floors would not be suitable if the bathroom is going to be used by elderly people or kids.

Bathroom tiles in Ireland

For bathrooms that will serve elderly or kids, matt non-slip finish tiles are the way to go. Wall tiles should not be walked on… so any finish will be fine. Before moving on to colour/style of tile, you need to work out who your bathroom will serve. Only then can you move on to aesthetics. While on the topic of functionality, some tiles are easier to keep clean than others (dark colours), while some tiles are easier to clean (glazed/gloss tiles).

After you chose sensibly for your bathroom floor tiles – you can now choose what style and colour you want to tile your bathroom in. Ideally, your bathroom ware (toilet/sink/bath/shower) and tile should work together. Modern, sleek minimalist bathroom ware should be paired with tiles that will work in harmony with it and the same rationale for other styles of bathroom.

After you chose sensibly for your bathroom floor tiles – you can now choose what style and colour.
Your bathroom ware (toilet/sink/bath/shower) and tile should work together.

Which colour is best for bathrooms?

When it comes to the colour – the use or lack thereof, is also an aesthetic choice. Monochrome or multi-coloured, there is no right and wrong choice, your style and colour choice should be your own. One of the most popular bathroom tile colours for the past few years (and not slowing down) has been grey. This adaptable colour is available in nearly 50 different shades, and nearly as many patterns adorning their surface.

ne of the most popular bathroom tile colours for the past few years (and not slowing down) has been grey.

What is the most common bathroom tile size?

When it comes to bathroom tiles, there are several sizes available to suit various design preferences and spatial considerations. However, one size stands out as the most common and widely used option in modern bathrooms: the 60×60 cm floor tiles. This size strikes a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making it a popular choice for both small and large bathrooms alike.

Large format tiles can have a transformative effect on small to medium sizes bathrooms, (see Cement Grey 80×80 cm above) creating an illusion of space with the resulting lack of grout lines because of the large tile size. Conversely, using small tiles in a section surrounding a sink or shower in a large bathroom can remove any possible feeling of sparseness.

The 60x60cm tile offers a versatile canvas for creating visually appealing bathroom designs. Its elongated rectangular shape allows for seamless installation on both floors and walls, providing a clean and modern look. Whether arranged in a classic brick pattern or laid in a contemporary staggered layout, this tile size adds a sense of sophistication to any bathroom space.

Moreover, the 60x60cm tile size helps visually expand smaller bathrooms, giving the illusion of a larger area. Its elongated dimensions draw the eye along the length of the room, creating a more open and spacious feel.

What is the most common bathroom tile trend/style?

Adding a feature wall is a fantastic way to inject personality, style, and a touch of drama into your bathroom design. Whether you opt for bold patterns, captivating textures, or eye-catching materials, a well-designed feature wall can transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

One popular approach to creating a feature wall is by using statement tiles. Consider incorporating large-format tiles with intricate patterns or vibrant colours to create a focal point that demands attention. From mosaic designs to geometric motifs, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Let your creativity soar and select tiles that reflect your unique taste and complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Thin Stone Cladding

A new game-changing trend in bathroom design is thin stone cladding. This revolutionary tile allows you to bring the beauty of natural stone into your bathroom, creating an elegant and luxurious ambience. Thin stone cladding instantly adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to any bathroom. With its unique textures, rich hues, and intricate patterns, this natural material exudes timeless beauty.

One of the key advantages of thin stone cladding is its ability to transform even the smallest bathrooms into stunning sanctuaries. As the name suggests, thin stone cladding is incredibly thin and lightweight, making it ideal for wall applications. This means you can enjoy the luxurious look and feel of natural stone without sacrificing valuable wall space.

Use of stone cladding in a bathroom is a popular trend in Ireland

The bathroom is a high-moisture environment, and it's essential to choose materials that can withstand these conditions. Thin stone cladding is highly durable, resistant to water, and requires minimal maintenance. Once installed, it will continue to retain its beauty and charm for years to come. Additionally, stone has a timeless quality that ensures your bathroom will remain in vogue, even as trends come and go.

Imagine stepping into a bathroom that exudes an air of tranquility and relaxation. Thin stone cladding can help you achieve just that. The natural textures and organic colours of stone create a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Whether you're aiming for a spa-like retreat or a modern oasis, incorporating stone cladding into your bathroom design will elevate the ambiance and create a soothing haven.

Wood-Effect Tiles

In Ireland, where the rugged landscapes and rustic aesthetics hold a special place in our hearts, incorporating wood effect tiles into your bathroom is a wonderful way to bring warmth, character, and a touch of nature into your space.

Wood-effect tiles are a superb way of adding some textural feel to your bathroom without comprising functionality. Available in a dazzling array of styles, patterns and colours these tiles contain supercharged characteristics and look hyper-realistic.

One of the main concerns when considering wood in a bathroom is its susceptibility to water damage. However, wood effect tiles provide the perfect solution. These tiles are crafted from porcelain or ceramic, offering exceptional durability and water resistance. Unlike real wood, they are impervious to moisture, making them ideal for bathroom environments where water exposure is a common occurrence. You can enjoy the beauty of wood without worrying about warping, swelling, or rot.

Wood Effect Tiles In Modern Bathroom

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble has long been synonymous with opulence and elegance, and incorporating marble effect tiles into your bathroom design allows you to enjoy the stunning aesthetics of marble without the maintenance and cost associated with natural stone.

Marble effect tiles capture the essence of natural marble, showcasing its stunning veining patterns and elegant hues. These tiles offer a wide range of options, from classic Carrara marble with its distinctive grey veins to the dramatic beauty of Emperador marble with its rich brown tones. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary design or a more traditional and timeless look, marble effect tiles provide endless possibilities to enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom.

Marble effect tiles are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only simple routine care to keep them looking pristine. With marble effect tiles, you can enjoy the luxurious aesthetics of marble without the high maintenance and worry of damage.


In summary, there is only one *rule* – functionality – your bathroom should work for you and for all those who will use it. After creating a bathroom that works, allow your creativity to take over while bearing in mind your tiles should match your sanitary ware. Do not be afraid to look around for inspiration before making your tile choice, there is bathroom in every house, so there is not shortage of finished bathrooms to look at online (or call in to our showrooms for some real life inspo).

Our showrooms have 50+ installed bays for you to peruse and choose from. The bays in our showrooms contain a broad range of styles to choose from. Tile Merchant showroom locations have a mix of bay sizes too that reflect 99% of Irish bathroom sizes, so you can get a feel of what might work in your space.

Some bathroom suits simply work better in compact bathrooms and vice versa with large bathrooms. If you do not find the black tap you wish to use in your minimalist monochrome bathroom or your double sink bathroom unit in mid-century style, our sales advisors can source it for you from our premium suppliers of bathroom ware. Tile Merchant showrooms are open 7 days a week!

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Why Tile Merchant?

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