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Looking Back On Our Botament Event

  1. Introduction
  2. Elevating Craftsmanship with Eddie and Fergal
  3. The Power of MULTISTONE Adhesive
  4. MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX
  5. Botament D1 Speed Primer
  6. Stay Tuned for More
  7. Why Tile Merchant?


Following a fabulous day of demonstrations, Q&As, and constructive conversations, we’re thrilled to share this exciting recap of the Botament event which took place at our Ballymount Branch on 16th August 2023.

The gathering was a remarkable celebration of innovation, expertise, and cutting-edge products, some of which are completely revolutionising the tiling and wet room world.

Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland

Elevating Craftsmanship with Eddie and Fergal

Eddie and Fergal from Botament Ireland were the stars of the show, captivating our audience with engaging demos which shed light on the unparalleled potential of their products.

Attendees were treated to live demonstrations that showcased the latest Botament offerings, including the highly anticipated MULTISTONE adhesive, the groundbreaking MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX epoxy grout, and the revolutionary Botament D1 Speed primer.

The Power of MULTISTONE Adhesive

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of the Botament MULTISTONE adhesive, a true game-changer in the industry.

This multifunctional lightweight adhesive opens doors to new possibilities by enabling the seamless laying of nearly all natural stone coverings and ceramic tiles, both indoors and outdoors, using just a single adhesive product.

Botament adhesive unique features, including exceptional stability, flexibility, and high yield, had our customers and partners buzzing with excitement.

Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland


Another star of the show was the MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX, a revolutionary epoxy grout that is redefining the concepts of durability and versatility. Botament MULTIFUGE Diamond MAX is a reactive resin grout and 3K adhesive mortar, which sets new standards for both interior and exterior wall and floor coverings. Its application extends beyond the commercial realm, finding its place in luxurious bathroom designs, floor-level showers, and even swimming pools.

Botament D1 Speed Primer

A true highlight which particularly resonated with the attendees at our 16th August Botament event was the introduction of Botament D1 Speed.

BOTAMENT D1 rapid multi-functional primer is a game-changer when it comes to preparing substrates for tile adhesives, filler compounds, renders, or paints. Its versatility in interior and exterior applications makes it an indispensable tool for professionals who demand excellence in their projects, and who require a fast-acting primer to streamline their project timelines.

Interactive Demos and Engaging Insights

Of course, our event wasn't just about the products; it was also about empowering our valued customers with knowledge.

Interactive demos held by the expert Botament team demonstrated some of the unique and efficient techniques pros can use to apply Botament products firsthand. From understanding adhesive and grout curing times to exploring the intricacies of application, our experts left no stone unturned.

A Heartfelt Thanks

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the tiling contractors, builders, and landscaping professionals in Ireland who joined us at this event. Your enthusiasm and curiosity were the driving force behind its roaring success.

We're excited to embark on a renewed journey of excellence with you, helping you to transform your projects from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our event was graced by the presence of the tile and building industries, including Brian Flood from Proline Bathrooms and Colm O'Rourke from Colm O'Rourke Tiling Contractor.

These esteemed professionals shared their firsthand experiences and perspectives on the impact of innovative products like Multistone adhesive and Multfuge Diamond MAX epoxy grout on their projects. Their insights brought a real-world dimension to the event, showcasing how BOTAMENT products are revolutionizing the field and driving excellence in every project.

Watch their interviews below.

Stay Tuned for More

This event was just the beginning of our commitment to innovation and excellence. We've set the stage for more exciting ventures, including live demos, workshops, and hands-on experiences which will hopefully continue helping you to elevate your craft.

For those who couldn't make our first Botament event, fear not! We have a treat for you too. Watch the best moments from the event, including demos and insights, by clicking here. Experience the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm which filled the air.

At Tile Merchant, we're not just a supplier; we're your partners in creating spaces which inspire. As we bid adieu to this event, we eagerly look forward to our next adventure together. Until then, let the innovation continue, and let Botament products be the cornerstone of your remarkable creations.

To know more about Botament products, including the remarkable Botament D1 Speed, explore our BOTAMENT products.

Stay inspired,

Tile Merchant

Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland
Botament Ireland in Tile Merchant Ireland

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Article written by Calum

Cal Bannerman is a freelance writer, editor, podcaster and voice actor from the Scottish Borders. He runs the storytelling podcast "Stories from the Hearth" and lives in a wee Glasgow Flat with his partner and their cat".