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Top Benefits of Outdoor Tiles. Why use Outdoor Tiles?

Top Benefits of Outdoor Tiles. Why use Outdoor Tiles?

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles
  3. Why Tile Merchant?


Are you tired of your outdoor spaces and looking for a revamp to reclaim your garden?

Step forward 20mm outdoor porcelain. This product in a short period of time has turned the patio and paving game on its head. While natural Stone has been and continues to be, the standard bearer of patio materials, outdoor porcelain is coming, armed with supercharged characteristics and an array of colours that is simply unrivalled.

Your garden is to be enjoyed, loved, and most importantly USED. An unused or unusable garden is a waste. Let 2024 be the year you stay home, in your home and garden. Your garden should ultimately suit your needs, and your garden patio tile should work for you and your family. This is where 20mm porcelain can allow your garden to become a year-round space for the activities you wish to use it for.

Benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles

Benefits of 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

First things first, the elephant in the room here is the Irish weather. You cannot overlook that our wonderful climate has plenty of rain. A wet patio usually means a slippy and therefore dangerous surface for kids to play, and adults to traipse across and generally not conducive to anything apart from admiring how much rain falls here.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles are a man-made product created specifically for patios in climes such as ours. The anti-slip properties are incredible and allow security under foot during and after the heaviest of downpours. This reclaims your garden space that was previously lost to a slippery surface. Now after a quick rain shower your garden paving with 20mm can be the football pitch, basketball court or YouTube assisted 15 minute workout zone.

Next up on reclaiming your garden for your purposes is outdoor porcelains scratch and stain resistance. These properties go hand in hand. Are kids cleaning their boots after Saturday morning GAA matches? Big Kids cleaning their Big Bikes? Big Adults creating the latest masterpiece of flat pack furniture or DIY creation with hammers, screwdrivers and tension? All of these regular activities can be completed on a porcelain surface without the fear of seriously staining, damaging or scratching your wonderfully paved patio that you invested in.

Also before proceeding any further – 20mm Porcelain is incredibly low maintenance that requires zero sealing and is very easy to clean. Which means more time enjoying your space than actually cleaning and maintaining it. 

BBQ time, when the sun shows its welcomed face on our gardens we like to take advantage of this limited yet cherished past time of grilling al fresco. This is where garden patios come into their own. Due to the aforementioned easy clean and stain resistance – meat juice drippings, dropped kebabs, sausage from fork escapes and burger sauce mishaps can all be easily cleaned from a porcelain patio. Red wine, beer and cocktail accidental spillages are also no threat to your porcelain paving. More chilling and grilling time, less worrying about the kids running while eating time.

Pets – dogs in particular – have very the pure joy of usually relieving themselves where they wish in our gardens. 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles are pet-friendly! The stain resistance and easy clean properties once again rear their head here once more. Let your pets run free on your porcelain slabs without worry of them spoiling your patio – woof!

Colour – for too long have Irish gardens have been green and dull! 20mm Porcelain paving slabs comes in a broad range of colours that dazzle, delight and drive colour into our gardens. Our prevailing wind comes from the southwest and our prevailing light conditions throughout the year is overcast dullness. Remedy this dull-ness with a sprightly coloured porcelain. Giving your garden the year-round colour that can be vital to a happy garden patio. Unfortunately, your patio choice can not remedy the prevailing wind, though walls clad in natural stone cladding can help! 

Beige outdoor tiles installed in a fantastic garden in Cork
Beige outdoor tiles installed in a fantastic garden in Cork
The benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles
The benefits of outdoor porcelain tiles in Ireland

20mm porcelain also allows you to create the most perfect way to bring your outdoor space inside and vice versa. Seamlessly link your patio and indoor space with our range of matching 20mm outdoor porcelain paving and 10mm indoor porcelain. Allowing your spaces to flow.

Porcelain paving slabs are also incredibly strong and suitable for driveways. A fab option is to use 20mm porcelain across your front and back garden linking both spaces and keeping them safe. Unloading the car after a shopping trip or getting kids out of car seats is unavoidable and thoroughly unenjoyable in the rain, you can at least be secure under foot and minimise the possibilities of slipping while doing so.

20mm Porcelain is a product created for Irish patios. Allow your patio to be a 20mm porcelain patio that is enjoyed, loved, and most importantly USED.

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Why Tile Merchant?

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