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Why Designing a Bathroom with White Tiles is a Good Idea?

Why Design White Bathroom

The majority of home-owners decide to tile their bathrooms. They can be tiled in many different styles and different colours. That said, white tiles are the most common colour tile used in designing bathrooms. Why is this?

The Benefits of Using White Bathroom Tiles

We’ve all been in countless amounts of bathrooms over our lifetime and more often than not those bathrooms were tiled in white. There’s a couple of reasons why white tiles are so popular with homeowners. The colour white communicates a sense of cleanliness, in addition to lightness if you mark/stain darker tiles it is usually much more noticeable. One of the worst fears people have is that visitors to their home might think they have a dirty bathroom, choosing white tiles will only help keep your bathroom looking  clean for visitors.


Another advantage of deciding to go with white tiles in your bathroom is they are probably never going to be out of fashion, always staying relevant with current trends It’ll never be boring. Many tile lovers pick this colour because it makes their bathroom space feel bright, modern and luxurious.

Polished White Tiles For Bahtrooms
Arkana Bianco Grande Concrete-Effect Porcelain Polished 120x60cm
Modern Bathrooms | Marble Effect Tiles
Raddix Marble-Effect Carving Porcelain Matt 120x60cm

What Tiles Should I Use

The next question you might have is, what tiles would you recommend? We would suggest that you consider getting white metro tiles. Metro tiles have been a popular choice for decades. If you’ve ever been on the London Underground System you will already be familiar with these tiles. The platforms were lined with metro tiles which are still present in the current day. A white metro tile brings a nice shine and reflection to your space making your bathroom look clean and fresh.


Metro tiles are very easy to work with. White wall tiles are ideal for your bathroom area. There’s a few different patterns you could have in your design, although some of our top picks would be the herringbone, horizontal and also a staggered brick bond pattern, all these patterns are perfect for your bathroom or shower.

Bianco Lasa Grande Porcelain Polished 120x60cm
Metro White Bevelled Ceramic Gloss 20x10cm

A white metro tile brings a nice shine and reflection to your space making your bathroom look clean and fresh.

The Different Styles of White Bathroom Tile

We have a few of our favourite colour tiles in stock at the moment. Our decorative white or light grey wall tiles come in many variations. The colours range from White Décor, Volacas Décor,  Turkey White Décor, Creata Décor and Liam Décor. All these options give a some dimension to a bathroom without being too flat.


Statuario Marble is another popular stone-effect tile used in designing bathrooms. It is considered to be one of the best white marbles on the market. if you’re conscious of your bathroom wall being just white and too plain, Statuario Marble offers the perfect solution. Statuario Marble tiles have a beautiful appearance with distinct grey and veining throughout. It is an on-trend style that many customers are using at the moment.


You might prefer white hexagon tiles for your bathroom. Hexagon tiles are a very fashionable choice, you might be wary that they could seem boring and plain but we can assure you that will not be the case. These small scale hexagon tiles can add a really glamourous look to your bathroom.  The great thing about hexagon tiles is they can suit either the older 1930’s industrial style bathroom or the more modern day bathrooms. So much can be done with hexagon tiles!

Roman Statuario Marble-Effect Porcelain 120x60cm
Hexagon Traffic Carrara Porcelain 25x22cm
Hexagon Traffic Carrara Porcelain 25x22cm

How should I dress up my bathroom once I have my white tiles in? We suggest that you dress up your bathroom with colour cabinets suited to your style.  It is important that all your bathroom appliances blend in with the colour of the room. Your cabinets and vanity should co-ordinate with white floors and your chosen wall tiles.

Throughout this blog, we have highlighted the benefit of using white tiles. If you consider all of these factors, you can create the perfect balance in your bathroom.


Blog by Ciaron Noble

Tile Merchant


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