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Acoustic Wall Panels Transform This Trendy Dublin Interior

Acoustic Wall Panels Transform This Trendy Dublin Interior

  1. Introduction
  2. acoustic slat panels
  3. create stunning feature walls
  4. Living Room and Acoustic Wall Panels
  5. Conclusion
  6. Why Tile Merchant?


A Dublin-based customer of ours recently invited us round to see the incredible transformative effect our stunning range of silver acoustic panels had on their interior design.

Elevating the look and feel of the house, they’d installed acoustic wall panels in different rooms. Using sound-absorbing wall panelling with a striking aesthetic design they created a richer acoustic and a warm minimalist Scandi vibe

acoustic slat panels

Behind the piano neatly tucked up against one of the walls in their living space, our customer installed charcoal acoustic slat panels from floor to ceiling.

Placed here, the panels help to capture and enhance the harmonious sounds emanating from the piano, making their interior space a more pleasant place to play their favourite melodies.

In the corners of the same room, this Dublin family used a lighter oak-effect wall panel to great effect. Corners are where soundwaves bounce and return as tinny vibrations or discordant echoes.

By shoring-up the corners of their living room with our acoustic wall panels, the customer has ensured a richer, higher quality of sound as it travels from their piano, TV, and sound system throughout the house.

create stunning feature walls

Of course, acoustic wall panels offer much more than a reliable soundproofing solution.

With striking vertical lines and textured grooves, in addition to a photorealistic wood-effect, wall panels can also be used to create stunning feature walls in a variety of styles.

Here, you can take inspiration from how the customer has utilised our silver acoustic panels to frame a large painting hung on the wall, drawing the eye to the art and making the piece a particular highlight of their interior space.

Elsewhere in the house, the Dubliners have showcased the extraordinary versatility of these panels.

In the kitchen, you can see that they’ve opted for a darker panel finish in walnut, to compliment the rich flooring and walls, also of a warm, deep brown wood.

Living Room and Acoustic Wall Panels

In another sitting room, dark brown acoustic panels are used to create a beautiful contrast against the white of the painted walls.

Acoustic panels make for a simple and easy addition to any room – designed to be easily installed, even DIY, with tongue and groove design – and yet the impact they have is undeniably huge.

This sitting room is completely transformed by the installation of a few well-chosen panels.

Note also how the long vertical lines of the panels, which help to create the illusion of taller ceilings, are matched by the wooden-slat coffee table in the centre of the room.

Acoustic wall panels


Overall, we were blown away by the tremendous difference which our felt-lined acoustic wall panels made to this Irish interior. A relatively monotone, minimalist home had been transformed into a warm, rich, Scandi-inspired wooden haven of deep sound and high harmony.

Feeling inspired? Take a gander at our full acoustic slatted wall panelling range today, and begin planning your own soundproof aesthetic with confidence.

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Article written by Calum

Cal Bannerman is a freelance writer, editor, podcaster and voice actor from the Scottish Borders. He runs the storytelling podcast "Stories from the Hearth" and lives in a wee Glasgow Flat with his partner and their cat".