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How to Install Mosaic Tiles

Accessories and Tools required:


Flexible tile adhesive 

Tile Grout 

V-notched trowel

Rubber grout float


Dry cloth



Step 1

Ensure that your surface is clean, dry and free from debris.

Step 2

Mix your adhesive in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3

Apply the adhesive to your surface using a V-notched trowel. Use the flat side to smooth out the adhesive so that you have an even coverage. 

Step 4

Apply your mosaics mesh side down into the adhesive. Press the tile carefully into the adhesive and flatten sheets to each other to ensure contact using a rubber grout float. Be careful! You do not want the adhesive to ooze out between the tiles!

Step 5

Allow the adhesive to set (follow manufacturer instructions). Sponge away any excess using a damp sponge.

Step 6

Leave for 24 hours. Now it’s time to grout. Mix grout in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 7

Carefully apply the grout to the spaces between the tiles, working in sections and removing excess as you go. Polish off any haze using a dry cloth.